This is the only website dedicated to the quart cone top, a popular beer and ale package sold from June 1937 to the late 1950’s.  Many beer can collectors specialize in just the 12 ounce cans, but I was drawn to quarts after digging them in Maine resort dumps on vacations as a kid and during working summers through college.  They were just different.  And big.

I built this site to be a forum for sharing history and information as well as a quart marketplace.  I can buy your quarts or take them on consignment, and will post them here for sale and take them to shows around the country.  I will also maintain your want list so you can be first in line when your most-wanted quarts become available.

I’m not fussy about condition as many rare labels are still valuable despite rust or other damage, although dealers typically don’t take them.  Even clean quarts can be an afterthought; they’re bulky to transport and top buyers are spread widely.  Please consider selling or consigning here instead.  Your quarts will have my undivided attention.

A word of warning about eBay and quarts that change hands there- prices fluctuate wildly with the season and who happens to be online that week.  Buyer and seller scams are ongoing, and advanced collectors refrain from bidding with unfamiliar sellers.  I am a well-known collector of 32 years and maintain a sterling reputation both in person and online.

So, please have a look around and check back occasionally.  I try to add new content a couple times a month: cans, photos, old ads, anything quart-related.  I’d love to post your quart pics in the photo gallery.  Cheers!


quart cone top beer cans


December 2, 2017

20% off all remaining quarts!


Clark, NJ, January

Blue/Grey 2018!


Just click ‘email me’ at the bottom of any page, or call Matt at 202-340-3119.


This is a hobby, not a business, and my goal is to build friendships and help put quarts and people together.